Be Different

I remember years before, I was a different person back then: Young, naive, complaining, fearful of the unknown. I had so many allergies that I was set back of going out and eating a lot of things, trying out new things. I remember one time that I did not even attempt to play bowling, because I was so scared of even trying it out. I doubted myself, talked myself out of many things, things that weren’t even the worse but it felt that way!

I think out of all these, the negative attitude held me back the most. It was I thought was the one thing that kept me alive, yet it was also the one thing that kept me from living.

Being a fairly new Christian, one of my favorite stories that I have read was about Joshua and Caleb- the walls of Jericho. It was so unreal, so unnatural, so quiet – Yet it is the one which expresses boldness of faith in insurmountable opposition. You see (and you know the story) Moses tasked 12 spies, one from each tribe, to study the land that God wanted them to go (Numbers 13:1). Yet when the spies came back, they did report that the land was overflowing with milk and honey, yet ruled by the opposition and reported that some of them were even giants. However, Joshua and Caleb said that they can absolutely POSITIVELY win their battle with them. Unfortunately the Israelites complained and grumbled to the point of rebellion. Their complain and negativity spread amongst themselves to the point that it reached God – God! Who just freed them from bondage, parted the Red sea, sent manna, sent quails,  guided them by a pillar of light… whew!
Sadly some of them were punished, and only a few people came and won the battle in Jericho (Joshua 6).  What’s unreal that it was a battle that no one ever spoke a word, no siege engines were used, they were asked to do the same thing several times, armed by faith – Winning the battle.

As Christians, we approach problems differently. We prophesy victory, we declare the goodness of God, We call the name of Jesus to win our battles. When negative thoughts come, as they always do, let it not form by speaking it. Remember that God is the same as before, what He has said that you have victory, it will surely come to pass.


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