Who is Jesus to you?

As I looked into this picture the first time in a doctor’s office waiting room, I am amazed by its  beautiful art. The message behind it was so powerful, like it struck my soul for the very first time. It’s a picture of Jesus walking on the water and bending down towards you, offering his hand. His hand.
It felt like he was up there in all of His holiness, and he deliberately found you in order to help you. His hand pierced through the veil of the waters, to which you have sunk. He didn’t have to… but he did.
Then it dawned unto me: this is exactly the Jesus that I know of, the Jesus that saved my soul from the mire of sin and ridiculous worldly troubles. Yes, ‘that’ Jesus who is in heaven, reaching for me in Earth.

What surprises me is that it’s not how he looks physically, but this is a form which transcends through appearance, race, color and age. What is important that he is reaching out his hand in order to save me. This is Jesus for me.

Now who is Jesus for you? In appearance, He will appear  completely different as stated in the Bible: “No beauty or majesty” (Isaiah 53:2). For all we know, we might have been disfigured, scarred, and completely marred from the crucifixion (Isa 53:4-5). Jesus might be you someone a teacher, or a leader, someone who speaks with great authority (Matt 7:28). Jesus could be a bright light, full of glory, and celestial in nature (Rev 1 / Daniel 10).

The point is, Jesus will appear or feel to you as how you perceive him to be. To others, Jesus is a great king, a judge, a conqueror, a ruler with an iron hand (Rev 19:15). Or maybe a gentle lamb (John 1:29)

For me, this picture describes him perfectly, someone who I look up to, powerful, and pure, saving me from all the troubles in the world.

If you like this art please check out the Artist Yongsung Kim and his works:
IG: @yongsunkimart

Web: https://www.lighthaven.net/yongsung-kim

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