Choose to be a salt.

I know you’ve might of heard the Bible verse “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his. savour, wherewith shall it be salted?…” [Matthew 5:13]

Salt has always symbolized Christians due to the Bible verse. Due to it’s nature, it is believed to be one of the versatile and substance here on Earth. But why?

They are everywhere, In the oceans, in the caves of the Earth, in every human body. Whether it be in liquid, solid, wet, colored, plain, different size and shape; salt is mostly everywhere.

Chemically all salt is the same, but its taste and nature are different.

It’s been used as currency during Roman times (Jesus’ time) hence its usage in the Bible.

It purifies, removes bacteria; hence preserving food and keeps it in storage.

Funny thing is; to fully make salt, one must dig deeper, or be dried out in heat… only then salt can be made. You need to keep a healthy amount of salt in your body in order to regulate and maintain fluid balance.

As Christians, we are vital to flavor somebody else’s life. Sure, sometimes we have to dig deeper and go through fire in our purpose. Often times you’ll feel as though you’ve been only used and then excreted from the body!

Some feel like used and been thrown away yet the purpose was there, but salt almost never runs out in the earth, they are there again to be used

God’s intention for us to “flavor” someone’s life is important. Choose to be a salt.

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