What is unprodigal?

You read it right… unprodigal is not a real word, (Seeing the lines of red from my text editor and unrelated to a song). It’s 2018, if you can make ‘selfie’ a real word in the dictionary, then unprodigal could be next.

So what is it? Like you might have guessed, it is completely the opposite of prodigal. Not lavish, not wasteful, not reckless, not squandering; definitely very mindful of what someone is given with.

What are we given with? You could say… Resources like money, that you earned ever so hard, but it could be lost in a single instant. Chances, that chance that was given to you and you choose to act on it. Talent, that talent you grew up with but maybe sitting on the sidelines while sadly slaving on a 9 to 5 job. Trust, it was given to you to do the right thing at the right time, or the trust given to you by your loved one.

Unprodigal… Yes, you’re the good guy starring in the movie of your life. The good person who just gave to a charitable cause. The good samaritan who just helped an elderly couple on the street. Yes that other guy mentioned by Jesus in the Parable of the lost son (Luke 15: 11-32). You’re the one who believes, The one who has faith, the backbone of the family, the next heir, the one who knows what you are born with. Basically you’re the one who is not lost.

This is what it’s all about.

This is about in how we believe in God and how we live behind the scenes in that story.

  • Unwavering Christian. Unapologetically Unprodigal.

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