Who is unprodigal?

So… Who are the unprodigal? Unprodigals? The Unprodigals?

I dunno, its not yet a word, it should be added into Webster’s in my opinion.

They’re the ones you see everyday, walking the street, riding the bus, or driving a truck. They go about their everyday lives hoping or knowing that it’ll get better. They are the student diligently studying and doing their homework… or the teacher who gave them, hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. A police officer doing their duty, hoping to come home safe to his wife and kids. A nurse, finishing her shift after helping treat someone. The street vendor hustling, still out after hours hoping to have one more customer before they call it a night. The older sister taking care of her younger brother who is deaf, for school tomorrow. It could be someone you know… or it could be you.

You know that feeling.

Many times in my life I’ve felt that I always do the right thing. You study, you do your best, you help people, you get a job… Yet you feel that you are overlooked. You feel that you just can’t win. You feel that life is just unfair.

In Luke 15:11-12, It stated that a Father had two sons: The older and the younger who wanted his share of his wealth given to him immediately. The Bible didn’t put it into details; but I define being unprodigal as how the state of being the older son.
In short, you are the one who is in faith, you do the Lord’s work and feed His sheep. He is the uncelebrated and unsung extraordinarily ordinary person.

Yet… you are always with the Father.

You are the core and the backbone of his handiwork. The fields and the mansion here on earth would not be possible without you. I would like to think I am unprodigal… are you?

-unconditionally loved by Jesus

-unapologetically unprodigal

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