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Fear of Missing Out?

It’s familiar right? It’s that uneasy all-consuming feeling that you have a constant need to check up on something or some people on a regular basis. Sure you want to mingle and socialize, but the fact remains that it drives you nuts to check up on people and see what they’re up to and want to be a part of it.

Nothing wrong but, you have the tendency to self evaluate and compare what your life is compared to others.

I remember in our church way back; I was new then, I had moved in from a different town and never saw much people for about a year or so. I was a new Christian, naive, but ready and willing to serve. I volunteered to almost every aspect of the church: from youth groups to accounting, attended almost every meeting to the point I was exhausted and financially strapped.

I never realized how much I wanted just to be a part of a group not as much as enjoying my experience as a Christian and having a relationship with God. I equated doing good works and volunteering with being a humble and faithful servant. I was consumed with social media back then, watching some of my peers every move, because they would hang out and never invite. Turns out, they hang out because they were partying, you know, the good stuff, some of them are even underage and some are doing drugs. Turns out, being a Christian never means to be perfect, but to continuously see as how God sees you. To be honest, I was off put by this behavior. But God has the right timing and the right place for everything, I may not be in the “in” crowd but God was preparing me for something else. After a few years in, that church had some problems, I had already moved to a different place.  Sometimes you have to experience a few storms in order to appreciate the sun. I now see how that experience had bloomed into something greater. Every single moment was orchestrated into place, there is no storm that God cannot reach you. This kind of peace is worth more that all the riches in this world.

Remember, other people may bury you in the dark –but it could be God has planted you. Bloom and grow.


2 thoughts on “The Christian FoMO

  1. Danna says:

    Such truth in this. Nothing is as it seems. The grass always looks greener from a distance, the we see it for what it is…lots of weeds mixed in.

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